Launched in 2010, Czech Railway Tickets.com is a service of Prague Trains Ltd. We are an independent supplier of European train tickets, specialising in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries.

We are based in Ipswich, UK and our website has been designed from the ground up for English speakers. Our aim is to make the process of purchasing foreign railway tickets as simple as possible, eliminating the use of complex journey planners, ticketing options and tiresome website registration.

By sourcing advance purchase tickets from multiple suppliers we are able to offer our customers fares which beat the price charged at the station and can be less than half what some agents charge for a flexible ticket on the same route.

The vast majority of tickets can be sent to customers in electronic form (Adobe PDF) ensuring rapid delivery without expensive shipping charges. All our customers benefit from a personalised covering note with their ticket which includes all the essential details needed to make their journey a pleasant, stress-free experience.

To ensure we meet the highest levels of customer service all orders and queries are dealt with by native English speakers who spend several weeks a year in Prague and have personal experience of travelling on the Czech rail network.