Reserved Seating

We include reserved seating with all our point-to-point tickets. Most companies charge extra for this service but we think it’s important for you to be sure of a place to sit on board the train or bus!

Our booking system will seat your party together. If this isn’t possible we’ll contact you with options including a no-penalty cancellation.

We don’t offer the option for you to select your own seats. You can let us know about your seating preferences by using the Additional information box at the checkout. While we can’t guarantee your seating preferences, we’ll meet them wherever possible.

You’ll usually receive your seat numbers when we send your tickets. If you are booking more than two months ahead you may receive later notification.

With the exception of bus services and trains to Poland reserved seating is optional on all services. This means you can move to any unoccupied/unreserved seat instead of your reserved seat. Where you have a flexible ticket you can choose to travel without a reservation on an earlier or later train than the one you booked.

A reserved seat expires if not occupied within 15 minutes after departure of the train.