Group Travel

Small Groups (2-5 passengers)

Up to five passengers can travel together on one ticket, simply specify the number of adults and children you require on the booking page. Your party will be seated together except in very rare cases where there may not be enough adjacent seats on the train, and don’t worry, in this case we’ll contact you to let you know. Where we cannot fulfil adjacent seats we’ll give you the option of alternative trains or no-penalty cancellation.

Error Message: “The maximum persons per group is 5

If you see this message it means you have tried to add more than five passengers to one ticket. The simplest way to deal with this is to split your party across two or more tickets. See Larger Groups.

Larger Groups (6+ passengers)

If more than six or more people are travelling you can simply break your party down into two or more groups. Your entire party will be sat together wherever possible, and if it’s not possible we’ll contact to let you know.

We also have the tools and systems access to facilitate travel by large or very large groups. This includes the possibility of very early advance booking and specially discounted fares. Fill out this form for a quotation.