T & Cs

Agreement between the customer and Prague Trains Ltd

Effective: 13 April 2016

  1. Our Service
    1.1.Our enquiry and booking service (the “Booking Service”) is offered as a service to you, the customer, by us, Prague Trains Limited (also referred to as “we”, “our” and “us”) via our website at czechrailwaytickets.com (“the Website”).
    1.2 In using the Booking Service you authorise us to act on your behalf to purchase tickets and where stated to make a seating reservation with the appropriate rail operator or other service provider.
    1.3 The rail operators or other service providers with whom you book tickets through this Booking Service are responsible to you in respect of the journey you have booked.
    1.4 We are not responsible for any delays, cancellations, or other disruptions to services and we do not set any of the terms and conditions, including eligibility for refunds, of the tickets sold.
    1.5 The use of tickets purchased through this Booking Service are subject to the Convention onInternational Carriage by Rail (COTIF),Uniform Rules concerning the Contract for International Carriage of Passengers by Rail (CIV), The General Conditions of Carriage for passenger services (GCC-CIV/PRR), Special Conditions for International Carriage for Non-integrated Reservation Tickets (SCIC-NRT), ČD Contractual and Transport Terms for Public Passenger Transport (SPPO) and the ČD Special Agreement for International Carriage (ZUJ).
  2. Pricing and Payment
    2.1. Our Booking Service price is complete and includes the ticket, booking fee, card payment charges, email delivery and, where stated, a seating reservation. The total price shown on the website and which the customer is charged is fixed. The booking fee varies according to a number of factors including route, ticket type, lead time, availability and the exchange rate on the day. Detailed pricing data can be found at czechrailwaytickets.com/index.php/pricing-information/.
    2.2. Prices are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.
    2.3. We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or American Express.
    2.4. We will not begin to process a customer order until the associated payment is fully authorised.
  3. Order Processing and Lead Times
    3.1. We will process all customer orders within one business day of receiving an authorised payment. In this context ‘business day’ means Monday to Friday excluding English Bank Holidays.
    3.2. We will contact all customers by email within the timeframe set out in paragraph 3.1 to either confirm availability (and issue tickets) or unavailability of the tickets selected. We recommend that customers who have not heard back from us check their spam or junk mail folder for missed email communications.
    3.3. In case of a delay in booking tickets our maximum liability to the customer will be to refund the full value of their original order.
  4. Ticket Availability
    4.1. If a customer order cannot be fulfilled due to unavailability of the chosen tickets we will contact the customer by email and offer the choice of a full refund or, where possible, an alternative departure. Once the customer has communicated their preference to us the order will be progressed within the timeframe set out in paragraph 3.1.
  5. Seating Reservations
    5.1. Where stated our prices include complimentary seating reservations. Wherever possible adjacent seats will be booked, but in the case of extraordinarily busy services with very few free seats this may not be possible.
  6. Shipping
    6.1. We email tickets in Adobe PDF format. The customer accepts responsibility for ensuring that a) They give us their correct email address. b) Their email service is in working order. c) They are able to receive email messages up to 10MB in size. d) They have the means to access their email and print tickets before departure. e) Checking their junk email or spam folders for messages.
  7. Changes, Cancellations and Refunds
    7.1 Tickets booked through us are valid only for the named passengers and on the specified trains.
    7.2 Only tickets where the characters ‘OP2’, ‘OP3’ or ‘OP4’ appear in the confirmation email can be cancelled and refunded, in accordance with paragraphs 7.2 to and 7.4. Other tickets cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded.
    7.3Tickets where the characters ‘OP2’ appear on the confirmation email can be cancelled and refunded up to and including the day prior to travel subject to an admin fee of £25 per order.
    7.4 Tickets where the characters ‘OP3’ appear on the confirmation email can be cancelled and refunded up to and including the day prior to travel subject to an admin fee of £15 per order. On or after the date of travel an admin fee of £25 applies for the cancellation of unused tickets.
    7.5 Unused tickets where the characters ‘OP4’ appear in the confirmation email can be cancelled up to and including on the day of travel. Prior to the day of travel a refund of 60% of the price shown in the confirmation email will apply. On the day of travel a refund of 30% of the price shown on in the confirmation email will apply.
    7.6. Customers are advised to check their order carefully before submission and to consider taking out travel insurance.
    7.7. We will take reasonable steps to check customer orders for missing data, duplicate passenger details and invalid departure dates and to seek clarification from the customer in such cases.
    7.8. In case of an error by us (i.e. if issued tickets do not match the original order, including any amendments made under paragraph 4.1 or 7.7) then, only for the affected tickets, the customer will be entitled to their choice of a refund or (subject to availability) a free of charge replacement. Refunds or replacements will be processed within one business day of the customer notifying us of the problem.
  8. Lost or Damaged Tickets
    8.1. We do not undertake to issue duplicate tickets to replace tickets (or portions of tickets) lost, stolen or mislaid.
    8.2. Any ticket which may have been spoiled, tampered with or altered in any way is not valid for travel.
  9. Use of Tickets
    9.1. Customers are responsible for printing their Adobe PDF format tickets single-sided on A4 or equivalent sized paper in such a way that all text and barcodes are completely legible.
    9.2. Tickets are valid only for the named passengers and on the specified trains. Tickets may not be transferred to another person or used on a different train.
    9.3. Customers are responsible for reaching their departure point in good time to board the train.
    9.4. Customers are responsible for presenting paper copies their tickets on board the train along with valid, matching ID. Tickets may not be presented for inspection on laptops, mobile phones or other electronic devices.
    9.5. Except on buses between Prague and Nuremberg and Prague and Munich seating reservations are not compulsory and customers are at liberty to occupy any free (i.e. unoccupied, unreserved) seats in their booked travel class rather than their reserved seats.
    9.6. In the case of return tickets customers are responsible for ensuring that their tickets are stamped or marked by the conductor on the outbound leg of their journey and retained for presentation on the return leg.
  10. Your Journey
    10.1. The customer is responsible for joining the correct train and getting on and off at the correct stations. We will not be liable for any loss or delay caused as a result of the customer joining the wrong train or getting on or off at the wrong station.
    10.2. Stopovers en-route, other than those necessary for transfers, are not permitted.
    10.3. In case a change of transport is required to reach the final destination the customer will be responsible for transferring themselves and their baggage between services.
    10.4. The customer is responsible for ensuring that they are in possession of a valid passport or other valid travel documents when travelling, including any necessary visas or other immigration documents.
  11. Limitation of Liability
    11.1. Our maximum liability to any customer or user of this website will be limited to the value of any bookings completed.
    11.2. Force Majeure – We will not be liable for any delay, poor performance or failure in performance caused by matters beyond our reasonable control.
    11.3. We accept no liability for the failure of any rail operator or other service provider.
    11.4. We accept no liability for theft, loss of or damage to persons, effects or any loss caused by a force majeure event.
    11.5. We will not be liable for any consequential losses resulting from reliance of one of our customers or website users on timetable or other information published on this website.
  12. Governing Law
    12.1. These terms and conditions are governed by English law.